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Rejection is inevitable ..

There was a time..
I couldn’t put my pen down
I couldn’t stop these thoughts
From belching out loud
I couldn’t express what I feared
I couldn’t reframe my ideas
Like it was what it is

There was a time..
Everything felt wrong
Everything was gone
Everything dissolved
Everything wasn’t everything anymore

There was a time..
When I smiled
When I cried
When I hid
When I died

There was a time..

Anything worthy of love is worth the fight

If our love was like a love story I would never turn the page ..

Every corner turned, I see you
I see you ..
Your facing me
Every bridge burned, I see me
I see me…
I’m facing you
Every four letter word is earned,
do you see..,
A reason for You to be with Me

We loved strong as the hate grew stronger
And we went hard even when times became harder
Because life goes on and we move on
And as we move on other things evolve
Feelings once felt maybe gone
A friendship tarnished
As the rAdio plays the same song
Our song

I’m just being honest
Honesty and loyalty
Words just thrown out there without a concrete meaning
I’m being honest that I’ve been loyal
But days go on
and those feelings don’t feel as strong

So many feelings caged in… Moments pass and the rage wins .. Tossing and clawing items that shatter when- it hits the ground.. I speak no words because my actions are crying out.. I am a person who is not lost nor found

We worked so hard

We went so far 

I’ve always looked forward 

To each moment with you 

Your smile is heaven sent 

And your eyes are bright like Jewels

You take my breath away
and melt my heart at the same time 
Everyday is memorable
because you are mine 

Thank God you are mine

Tell me about tomorrow like it’s not another day…
As if the trees came forward and our buildings were demolished
Like you for see the future and you do nothing the same ..